Setup Guide

EmbER comes with a simple Wizard to guide you through inital setup process of Kodi. We know how this can be difficult for new users.

Full HD - 1080p

Supports full hardware video decoding up to 1080p (or 4KUHD on supported hardware). No upscaling of your videos.

DTS & Dolby

Decode all your DTS & Dolby encoded videos with EmbER or enable Passthrough and send it to your Receiver.


Backup / Restore

Create backups of your whole system configuration. Restore a configuration from another operating system such as OpenELEC or Kodibuntu.

Expandable Storage

Want more internal memory?? Use an SD Card to expand your device's internal memory!

Full System Config

A Media Center configured how you want it. Name it what you want, Overclock it, Set static IPs. You will be given a completely personal experience.

Embedded Entertainment Rom is a fast, lightweight Linux-based media center distribution for Amlogic based tv boxes (with many more supported devices to come). It is based on Buildroot, an embedded Linux build environment, and is designed to be a slim Just Enough Operating System (JeOS) built with the single goal of running Kodi.

Our main focus is to deliver a stable Kodi platform that is capible of squeezing every last drop of performance out of your device. We try to release 3-4 stable firmware images per year, and intend on supporting our current platforms for as long as we are capible.

In addition, we are proud to provide our supporting users* with priority Over the Air (OTA) updates and pre-configured software packages for direct download from within Kodi. This means bugfixes and performance improvements are rolled out to our supporters as soon as we can make them available. Supporting users are also given the option of accessing our nightly unstable releases for a more "bleeding edge" approach to the media center if they wish.

*See here for more info on being classed as a supporter

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