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About EmbER

Embedded Entertainment ROM (EmbER) is a buildroot powered embedded Linux ROM designed to run Kodi Media Centre (previously XBMC). Built with ease of use and simplicity in mind, EmbER will guide you through the first steps of using Kodi Media Centre and provide you with capabilities for your device you will not find anywhere else.

Team EmbER-Dev is:



Corey Moyer is a dedicated Embedded Systems developer from London Ontario. Has developed a range of media and mobile operating systems, including MX Linux, Armada M8 Linux/Android and porting Cyanogenmod to unofficial devices.



A Kiwi from little old New Zealand, Josh Sunnex is an Avionics Technician by day - all round programming enthusiast by night. Has been working with various electrical systems for the past 10 years and more recently has been delving into the world of embedded media applications.

How Can You Help Us?

If you find EmbER useful, then we'd really appreciate it if you'd consider contributing to its development. This project relies on donations. Without your support, it's difficult to justify keeping it going. Donating to EmbER-Dev is easy. Simply enter your details in the form below, and click "Continue".

We have reserved some key features of EmbER for users that choose to donate to the cause. It's just our way of saying thank-you to our supporters. Features include OTA Updates, access to nightly builds, access to pre-compiled Linux binaries and apps, priority stable releases (usually a month or more in advance over public releases).
When you donate using this website's form, you will be given the below selection of options to choose from.

  • $1 - $10: Your name mentioned as a valued supporter on the downloads page.
  • $10 or more: A unlock key for one Amlogic M6 or MX device.
  • $25 or more: A unlock key for one Amlogic 805 device.


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