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  •  G02REF:
      NAN%     Total Downloads: 0
    Devices Running EmbER: 0
    Donating Users: NAN%
  •  G18REF:
      NAN%     Total Downloads: 0
    Devices Running EmbER: 0
    Donating Users: NAN%
  •  CMX:
      NAN%     Total Downloads: 0
    Devices Running EmbER: 0
    Donating Users: NAN%
  •  TLBBM6:
      NAN%     Total Downloads: 0
    Devices Running EmbER: 0
    Donating Users: NAN%
  •  M12:
      NAN%     Total Downloads: 0
    Devices Running EmbER: 0
    Donating Users: NAN%

Individual use only...Not for resale!
If you wish to distribute this firmware with a product, contact us for info on how you can contribute back to development.

Make sure you carefully read the instructions provided in each download.
These can be found inside the file named "README - how to update.txt"

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Release Notes

To view an active development log of all things EmbER, see our git rss feed, EmbER-Dev Git RSS.

Or for EmbER~nightly specific commits, EmbER-Dev NIGHTLIES RSS.


  • Add support for aarch64 builds:
    • [Package] Added OpenGL APIv800 / Support aarch64
    • [Kernels] Added support for aarch64 kernels
  • [Bugfix] NetworkManager was unable to link tun0 as gateway when a VPN was brought up
  • [Package] Re-enable Ifplugd for controlling eth0
    • disable ifplugd on systems that have no eth0
  • [System NetworkManager] Disable all options for eth0 on systems that have no eth0
  • [Package] Replace LibAmPlayer with AmlCodec. Added support for s905 SoC
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue causing a retard of usb/sd write speeds
  • Added support for exfat/xfs filesystems
  • Added support Rii mini i8+ keyboard
  • [System Update] Enable nighlty build server features
  • [System Settings] Enable CEC toggle in m6 devices. (may not be compatible with all CEC features)
  • [Package] Bump OpenVPN package --> 2.3.8
  • [Package] System Settigns Add-on: Various code cosmetics and bug fixes.


  • [Package] Kodi Bump --> 15.2 Isengard
    • Update Kodi PVR packages
    • Update Kodi ffmpeg
    • Update Opensubtitles package
    • Update EmbERMod Skin package
    • Rewrite default advanced settings (optimised for amlogic)
    • Fixed/enabled vsync on m6
  • Enable control over underlying system timezone and timeformat
  • [Bugfix] Symlink OpenVPN binary for some Kodi addons
  • Update Alsa sound configs.
    • Allow control over additional sound devices.
  • [System Backup] Add custom backup location and streamline the restore process
  • [System Maintenance] New "Maintenance" Tab in System Settings addon
  • [System Update] Disable auto download for OTA Update - now prompts user when available
  • [Package] Python Bump --> 2.7.10
    • Patched python SSL
  • [Ramdisk] Add EMMC compatibility for SD Card as Data mod
  • [Kernel] Maintained at 3.0.101 (We ran into some small issues with the conversion process from 3.0 --> 3.10 kernel on m6. So for firmware stability reasons, and due to the already massively overdue release date, we've decided to stick with 3.0 kernel for EmbER v3.0.0 release)


  • [Bugfix] Disabling eth connection was preventing system settings from opening
  • Unlocking DE no longer requires a firmware update
  • [Bugfix] Fixed compile issue with reboot command
  • Optimise ramdisk and init scripts to decrease boot time
  • Re-write some of the conversion scripts for converting to/from EmbER


  • [Bugfix] Some NTFS devices were not mounting correctly
  • [Ramdisk] Restore backups before system boot
  • [Package] Bump Broadcom drivers
  • [ADDONS] Replace Add-on Pack Installer with Fusion's Add-on Installer
  • [Network Manager] Utilise the new NM capabilities
  • [Network Manager] Simplify network connections layout
  • Hostname now set on start
  • CPU settings set on start
  • [System Backup] Backups use ramdisk to restore before boot.
  • [System Backup] Backups now include user added configs and programs
  • [System Backup] Backups are now gzip compressed (half size)
  • [System Update] Disable auto update prompt during video playback
  • Update default file system structure and samba shares
    • Added "/root/Configs" folder for user added system configurations
    • Added "/root/Run" folder for user added init scripts
  • Use new EmbER Mod skin based on confluence by default
  • Loads of cosmetic and performance changes


  • [Buildroot] Tree Updated 2013.11 --> 2014.11 (tons of packages updated)
  • [Bugfix] Default folder locations now properly set (OpenSubtitiles)
  • [Toolchain] Use EmbER toolchain instead of Linaro
  • [Package] Libssh --> 0.6.3
  • [Package] LIRC --> 0.9.2
  • [ADDONS] Add-on Pack Installer --> v1.1.2
  • [Kodi] Add EmbER settings shortcut in confluence
  • [Package] NetworkManager Bump -->
  • [Network Manager] Allow connections manager to ignor devices with no wifi (ATV520(e))
  • [Services Installer] Add new "Services" feature
  • [System Backup] Process backups prior to reboot
  • [Network Manager] Reset ntp server on network connection
  • [First Run Wizard] Wizard now remembers where it left off
  • Loads of cosmetic changes


  • Add support for TLBBv2
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue causing flashing update to wipe data
  • [BUG FIX] System Settings Addon was not displaying correctly in certain skins
  • [System Backup] Fix OpenELEC Backup restore
  • [System Backup] Add full support for restoreing XBMC Backup Add-on backups
  • [System Backup] Display animation during backup restore
  • [Bugfix] Repaired glitch in boot animation before Kodi starts
  • Revert default CPU Govonor to Lagfree on CMX
  • [Uboot] Add support for CMX SPI
  • [Uboot/Recovery] Update images/animations
  • [Kernel] Unify g02 and g18 device kernels
  • Add Fusion, XunityTalk and SuperRepo as default available sources [Donor Edition Only]
  • [Bugfix] Num4 key was not working on gbox remote


  • Kodi 14.2 (unofficial)
  • Set CPU Max Frequency on first boot
  • Set CMX CPU Govonor to Preformance by default
  • [Uboot/Recovery] Give EmbER it's own bootloader/Recovery
    • Format partitions for maximum Data partition size
    • Talored to Linux Kernel to prevent data corruption
  • [Kernel] Fix bug causing random freezing while idle

1.0.0 - beta1

  • Kodi 14.1 (unofficial)
  • [Package] Sysconfig Add-On
    • Add ability to refreash network adapters
  • [Kernel] Various kernel patches

1.0.0 - alpha1

  • Kodi 14.0 (unofficial)
    • Add 4k GUI resolution support in m1 devices and up
    • Output video to CVBS if HDMI disconnected on boot
    • DVD / Bluray menu display and playback
  • Support for USB optical drives
  • [Package] Sysconfig Add-On
    • First Run Wizard
    • Configure Hostname
    • CPU Clock Controls
    • Backup / Restore Full system
    • OTA Update Feature [Donor Edition Only]
    • Full wlan0 and eth0 Control
  • Animated boot sequence
  • Read-only root file system
  • [Package] Add-On Pack installer
  • [Package] BUMP XBMCPVR
  • [Package] BUMP various Buildroot packages
  • [Kernel] BUMP various kernel patches

Installable programs

This is the current list of programs that can be installed through our "Services" feature in System Settings.

If you had a request for this list, contact us.


  • VERSION: 2.6.1
  • REQ FIRMWARE: v2.0.0
  • DESCRIPTION: Control your device using an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Tap. Select media from your library, control basic playback options and much more


  • VERSION: 2017.03.27
  • REQ FIRMWARE: v2.0.0
  • DESCRIPTION: CouchPotato is an automatic NZB and torrent downloader. You can keep a movies I want list and it will search for NZBs/torrents of these movies every X hours. Once a movie is found, it will send it to SABnzbd or download the torrent to a specified directory. (Default Port: 5050)


  • VERSION: 15.10.24
  • REQ FIRMWARE: v2.0.0
  • DESCRIPTION: Manage your HTPC from anywhere! A python based web application to manage the software on your HTPC. HTPC Manager combines all your favorite software into one slick web interface. (Default Port: 8085)


  • VERSION: 0.5.9
  • REQ FIRMWARE: v2.9.0
  • DESCRIPTION: An automated music downloader for NZB and Torrent, written in Python. It supports SABnzbd, NZBget, Transmission, ĀµTorrent and Blackhole. (Default Port: 8181)

(Click here for the full list...)

Feature Adds
& Known Issues

This list is fluid and constantly subject to change.

If you know of an issue not on this list, contact us.


  • Low priority for next release
  • High priority for the next release
  • Already added/fixed in next release

Known Issues:

  • TLBB - Re-configure pageup/down keys on ir remote
  • TLBB - Map RF remote

Upcoming Features:

  • Schedule Backups
  • Set Location in Wizard
  • Set Language in Wizard
  • BT Support
  • 3.10.x kernel for Meson6
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