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Terms & Conditions

Please review the following terms and policies carefully as they are the terms that govern the use of Embedded Entertainment Rom (hereinafter known as this software). Your downloading of this software constitutes your agreement that these policies apply to you, so be certain you understand them prior to placing your order.

1. This software has been tested as "stable" using the hardware pictured on However, deviations in compnents are reported between different manufacturers producing this hardware. No attempt has been made to ensure that this firmware performs the same when installed on devices using different components. You hereby agree that Team EmbER-Dev take no responsibility to any issues, bricks or hardware damage that arises from installing this software on your device.

2. The process for installing/updating this software on your device has been tested and works on the hardware pictured on This process is written in a file "README - how to update.txt" included with your download. You agree that you have read and understood these instructions and Team EmbER-Dev take no responsibility for issues that occur as a result of any deviation from these steps.

3. In order for this software to be installed cleanly on your device, your device must first be running the firmware provided by us for reverting your system back to it's original operating system (Android or otherwise). Attempting to install this software over top of any other operating system may cause it to fail to format your device correctly which in turn may lead to bricking your device. You agree that you take responsibility for ensuring your current firmware is compatible for the conversion process to this software.

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